Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities

119 | Shark Attacked

Today we meet two very unusual individuals, although the things these people were famous for couldn't be more different. Either way, they're both great additions to the Cabinet.

118 | Monster Mass

As we pass through the Cabinet today, you'll bear witness to a man who had an incredible run of luck, and a monster that chilled an entire community. Enjoy the tour!

117 | Living a Dream

Sometimes the most amazing stories are about people who found a way to stand out in a crowd, and both of the subjects of today's tour certainly fit that bill.

116 | Disc Men

Sometimes we struggle to peer into the past and unlock its secrets, while other times it is the future that seems mysterious. Our tour today will explore both of those topics, with a heavy dose of wonder.

115 | Quiet Riot

Our stories today are all about time. One subject just didn't get enough of it, while the other seems to have had a bit too much. Either way, their tales are curious.

114 | Windy City

The natural world is on full display in today's tour of the Cabinet. And where there's power, there's good story.

113 | Season of the Witch

Every item on today's tour is about story. One place, one person, but both of them are guaranteed to thrill.

112 | Cave of Wonders

Some things get lost beneath the soil and rocks of our world, while others disappear beneath the sands of time. Either way, they make great additions to the Cabinet.

111 | Homeward Bound

Today's tour of the Cabinet takes us outside the expected. One man takes far too long to make it back home, while another dreams of something so out of this world that it's difficult to believe.

110 | Great Escape

The world is full of clever individuals, and some of them are featured on the tour today. One group crafted a language no one else can understand, while the other seems to speak one that's incredibly universal.