Aaron Mahnke’s Cabinet of Curiosities

136 | Ship of Fools

While they are more difficult to put inside a cabinet of curiosities, the amazing things that humans are capable are equal parts inspiring and astonishing. Today's tour features two such stories. 

135 | Hot Wheels

Some mysteries might never be solved, but others already have. Thankfully, the journey in both of today's tales is entertaining enough to make anyone curious.

134 | Stable Genius

While some people are clever, there are always those who go a bit too far. Whether at home or abroad, today's tales will entertain you.

133 | Drunk History

Today's tour through the Cabinet is all about dreams. Some people dream big, while others are haunted by theirs. Either way, you'll enjoy their stories.

132 | Dream Job

Some discoveries alter the way we view the world forever, while others only change it for a time. Today's tour will give you a glimpse into both kinds of stories.

131 | Duke of Hazzard

This tour is full of tales about the darker side of humor, and how some jokes can go horribly wrong. And it's certainly worth the price of admission.

130 | TMI

Today's tour will give us all a chance to enjoy some music and a good book. But the experience won't be what you expect it to be.

129 | Nightmare Fuel

Whether you're looking for a dream come true, or just want to set the record straight, today's tour through the cabinet will deliver what you need.

128 | Double Trouble

Our trip through the Cabinet today will introduce us to a smart girl and a persistent teacher. But nothing is as simple as it appears.

127 | Roman Justice

Today's curiosities will quench your thirst and make you laugh, the things that are difficult to say no to.